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Transcribed by Brendan O'Bryan

Scars And Stitches

ok heres what i got: the intro: BMinor something --> AMajor something --> e--7 e--5 B--7 B--5 G--7 G--6 D--9 D--7 A--7 A--5 E--7 E--5 Then walk down each fret with that chord, listen to it you'll see what I mean THEN: e-12-14-12----------11-13-11----------11-13-11-----10-- B-12------------------11------------------11-------------10-- G-12------------------12------------------12-------------11-- D-14------------------13------------------13-------------12-- A-12------------------11------------------11-------------12-- E-12------------------11------------------11-------------10-- *these chords are slide up to from the fret below most of the time* HERES the bassline after that, on the 4 low strings: G----------------------------------------0-----0------ D-------------------------------------------2----2---- A------------------------0--0--0-2-3------------------ E--0--0--3--0--3--0----------------------------------- The chorus chords are: Emajor C#minor Amajor Emajor