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Transcribed by Kenta Koga

Mona Lisa

Intro: B e---------------0-X--------------------0-X----------- B---------------0-X--------------------0-X----------- G------------8-------8--------------8--------8------- D---9--9--9--9-------9-----9--9--9--9--------9------- A---9--9--9--9-------9-----9--9--9--9--------9------- E---7--7--7--7-------7-----7--7--7--7--------7------- C#m A e----------------9-X-------------------0--X---------- B----------------9-X-------------------0--X---------- G------------9----------------------6--------6------- D--11111111------------7--7--7--7--------7------- A--11111111------------7--7--7--7--------7------- E---9--9--9--9-------------5--5--5--5--------5------- C#m A learn you'll learn....... E(open) B(barr 2nd fret) C#(4th) A (open) I used to sit and watch the pouring rain E B C#m A I used to wish to be back home again it's all in your head.... play this chord: A (something) e---0--- B---5--- G---6--- D---7--- A---0--- E---X--- before playing intro over again. The rest you should be able to figure out. It's mostly repeating the intro and verse stuff. The intro is touchy, play it till it sounds right!