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Transcribed by Elizabeth Weinberg


Capo 5 (Ryan's part, anyway) Intro: Em G D e----0------3-----2----0----3----5------------ B----0------0-----0----0----3----3------------ G----0------0-----0----0----4----2------------ D----2------2-----2----2----5----0------------ A----2------2-----2----2----5----0------------ E----0------0-----0----0----3----x------------ Use the G-F# addition to the Em chord throughout the verses. When I specify open D, I mean x00232. When I don't, I mean Ryan's funky high A action (x00235). G can be open too, it doesn't really matter (to me). I play it open during the last part because the chord changes are a little faster. Em G D Em All I want is the world Em G D Em And everything for me Em G D Em You can rattle off your talk Em G D Em All that matters is what I'll see Em G D (open) If you break me down, selfish desire is all you'll blame Em 'Cause desperate times call for desperate measures G D (open) And I am not ashamed Bridge: Em Oh it took me a long time to come to this G D (open) And I have chosen my path Em D (open) Dsus2 (?) (play around with your high e string) I am, I am only for me Kik-ass ending part: Em Oh it took me a long time to come to this G D (open) And I have chosen my path Em D (open) C G D (open) I am, I am only for me.... Em C G D (open) [Take it all the way home.] Throw in some high E-string 5--5--5--3--2--0's and 5--0--2--0's during the D chord, continuing the D scale descent into the open E in the Em. Listen to the CD to get it right. Transcription by: 1999 elizabethweinberg.