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Transcribed by Kenta Koga


Intro: e---------------------- B---------------------- G---------------------- D---------------------- A--------------5--7---- E--3--3---5/7---------- Do below twice (all barre chords) *Em - B-Bm - A - G Intro Em - B-Bm - A - A then play G-A-G-A-G-A-E-A-E-A * let the Low E string ring on this chord e-------------------------------------------------- b-------------------------------------------------- G--------2--4----4--4--2--------------------------- D--2--4----------------------------2--2--2--0------ A-------------------------0^2--0^2-------------2/4- E-------------------------------------------------- Okay, you should be able to get this. I'm too lazy to sit down and actually TAB out the entire thing.. but the chords are listed. It changes a little bit throught the song. Listen and figure the rest out, change some of the barre chords at the end with open chords for effect.