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Transcribed by Patrick Groneman


Intro: zipper Note: Capo 5 Verse 1: Am C Just one more time he said G F E As he crawls into his own Am C I'm doin' fine he said G F E As the tears fall down alone (same as above) Why must you question me Do you want your future blown Look at the sight of him, What can he do to show Livin' life for others Shuffle throgh the day Everyone is out to get him What do you have to say Pull yourself up out of this rut Make it all come clean Cuz the day the sun gets in your eyes is the day that you'll be free Ornament an open D chord for a measure Chorus: G D Open the Door The world is too young C D To see what few have before G D When all the sleeps end restelssly C D Without, Without time Post Chorus: still working on it but it ends with F-E and goes back to the verse for a measure then does this little solo: (with reguard to the capo) e--0-0-0---------------------------------------5-5-31-01-0------ b---------31-0-----------------------------------------------31- g-----------------2-0--------------------------------------------- d-----------------------0--0-2-3-5-3-2-0-------------------------- a-----------------------------------------3-2-0------------------- e----------------------------------------------------------------- ( above solo corrected by scottu17 ) e-------0--------------------------------------------------------- b--0^1--5--------------------------------------------------------- g----------------------------------------------------------------- d----------------------------------------------------------------- a----------------------------------------------------------------- e----------------------------------------------------------------- Then slide down randomly from high notes back into the verse with the second guitar freetlying a solo until it goes back to F-E a few times Then: (single strum) Am C G F---E Dream yourself to sleep at night (Dream yourslef to sleep at night) Am C G F-E Only lying beneath the clouds (Only lying beneath the cluods) (back to full strum really loud) Am C G F-E Spend in the in the shade (Spend your lifetime in the shade) Am C G F-E D (2 measures) When the early morning sun wakes up to reveal the pain you see Chorus Then after the F-E the percussion hold out and then the Verse continues for 2 more measures Then lightly fade out the last Am chord