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Transcribed by Kenta Koga

Start it All Over

Transcribed as best as I could using the 02-21-98 show. Capo 1st All positons are relative to the capo. Chords: Verse: (There are variations of this basic riff) B D A e------------------------------------------ b------------------------------------------ G----4--4-------------------7-------------- D----4--4--4--2--0----------7----------7--- A-2--2--2------------5--5---5----------7--- E--------------------------------5--5--5--- Done us this favor and crippled our legs then. We weren't so able the advantage is clear to them. They were so stable making so much sense then but under the table they crippled our legs with it. Chorus: B-D-A-G (Repeat) Too scared to run away Now everybody's safe We'll start it all over again Believe me... Smash it up Burn it down Something's wrong you can't put your finger on it Beaten up Beaten down Pulled the pin and who's got your finger on it now Chorus B-D-A-G (Repeat) On the recording I have it appears to be the chord below with some type of phasing from left to right speaker Strum over progression: e14------ b12------ G11------ D-X------- A-X------- E-X------- Variation: B B X D X A Second guitar does same progression but chord varations higher up, like: B D A e-X-- e-X-- e17 b12- b15- b15-- G11- G14- G14-- D-9- D12- D-X-- A-X-- A-X-- A-X-- E-X-- E-X-- E-X-- Back to B-D-A-G over chorus.