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Transcribed by Joe Campbell

Medicine 2000

2 guitars, both standard tuing guitar 1: capo@9th fret guitar 2: no capo intro: capo guitar plays: E:-0-----0-------0---0-----0---------0-----0---------0-----0-------:| B:---3-----3---3-------3-----3---3-----3-----3---3-2---2-----2---2-:| G:-----4-----4-----0-----0-----0---2-----2-----2---------2-----2---:| x2 then... Bm, G, D, A twice second time over, non-capo guitar plays: A:-------7-6-7--9--4-| e:-4-6-7--------7--2-| Bm:x24430 G: 320033 D: xx0235 A: x02225 1st verse: capo guitar strums once per chord: Bm(x2443x) G(3200xx) D(xx0232) A(x0222x) as follows: Bm G Into the maze D A Enter the medicine handed down Bm G Within these veins D A Bleeding with appathy 'till it drowns prechorus: (non-capo guitar plays here) G#m E Am I a charity G#m E For you to look so kind? G#m E Your aim is not quite clear F# G#m It's better if you leave in quiet (capo guitar cuts in here*, non-capo guitar continues) E G#m Is this mood frightening? E G#m And who are you sometimes? E G#m Don't try to rescue me F# Don't waste all your time, I'm far past gone *-this is what the capo guitar plays here E:-2-----2---------0-----0-----0---:| B:---3-----3---3-----3-----3-----3-:| G:-----4-----4---4-----4-----4-----:| x3 then strum an A (x02225) There's a part where the capo guitar plays the riff from the intro again and the non-capo guitar plays its little riff(just listen for it) The rest of the song is the capo guitar playing Bm G D A (fingerings from the intro) and the non-capo guitar playing G#m E B F# there's an occasional pause. just listen for it.