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Transcribed by elizabeth (

La Ti Da

la ti da - one of the bestest guster songs ever. notation by elizabeth ( ----------------------------------------------- the players: ////// |EADGBe A |002220 E |022100 F#m |244222 D |x00232 F |133211 [although it sounds like ryan is playing in higher chord voicings...] [verse] A E F#m can't imagine D what possibly went wrong A F#m D i heard it but i don't believe it [rinse, repeat] [bridge] E F#m D crushed the bodies on the ground D E it's so terrible i know E F#m D watch him wither and reach out D E he's going quietly right now F#m but the smile barely shows D E and i'm happy cause i found E F#m that the victim is not me F so i kicked him F A while he's on the ground [chorus] A E and hidin' all of me F#m D burned by three degrees, i say A E if i'd have known what else A E i can't even believe F#m burned by three degrees D it's better done myself A (F on the last one) it's better done myself [ends on A]