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Transcribed by elizabeth (


--------------------------------------------------------- guster - dregs capo four tabbed by elizabeth ( thanks to leslie (hukilau) for the original verse chords. --------------------------------------------------------- the lyrics are probably fucked up, but they're just for use to get the rhythm and when to play the chords, etc. this entire song can be played without the capo, using barre chords. it's the way they really do it, but this is easier. it's basically the same thing. to play without the capo, do everything below, but use this key (and the first and second solos are capoed, so you'll have to figure that part out yourself): F on capo = A 577655 E on capo = G# 466544 Am on capo = C#m 446654 C on capo = E 779997 E7 on capo = G#7 464544 G on capo = B 799877 - the chords below are all in relation to the capo. intro: F E Am E F C->quick E7 <--- Am, E, and F are all strummed and muted quickly, almost in a ska-ish way verse: Am crushed on the boundaries E stained on the inside F C E7 this will be the time [etc] bridge: G F Am whoa... do you kick back or do you scat? G F E Am whoa... do you reach them or more to know? chorus: Am E F C i can't conquer the dregs that want me down Am E F C break me open and drink to wash it down Am E F C only reach, only find, only push myself away Am E F C never know, never stay, never take or want a thing Am E F C i am set up don't belong here Am C E boiled myself again first little solo deal: Am E F C E7 e---0-------0-------0------0-------1-----1-------0---------------- B----1--------------------------------------------------3-1--0-1- G-2------2----0-1---11----1---2---2-2-----0-0-----0------------- D------------------------------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------- Am E F C E7 e---0-------0-------0------0-------1-----1------0------------------ B-----------------------------------------------------3--1---0------ G-2---2---2----0-1---11----1---2---2-2-----0--------------------- D-------------------------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------------------- second solo - do this twice: e---h1p0----------------------------h1p0----------------0--------- B-------1---111-3--1---0--1-------1---111-3-------3--1- G----------------------------------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------- strum-----------------------> e---h1p0-----------------------------3---------------------------- B-------1---111-3--1---0--1----4---------------------------- G----------------------------------------------------------------- D----------------------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------------- third little solo (NOT capoed--second guitar): this is the beginning of the jam at the end. Am E F C e------------------------------------------------------ B------------------------------------------------------ G------------------------------------------------------ D------------------------------------------------------ A---4-------4---3-------3---4-------4-------7---6---7-- E-------4-----------4-----------5-------0-------------- or, you can do this via the capoed guitar, one octave up (which I find easier because you can just place your fingers on the fretboard as you would with the chords and pick over that): Am E F C e------------------------------------------------------ B---2-------2--1------1---2-------2-----1---0--1--- G-------2-----------2-----------3---------------------- D------------------------------------------------------ A---------------------------------------3-------------- E------------------------------------------------------ go back to the second solo, then one each of Am E F C, ending with a strummed E. repeat the intro riff. repeat the second solo, then one each of Am E F C, ending with a strummed E, ending with Am. phew.