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Transcribed by Kenta Koga

Either Way

Note: Based off live version. Lyrics and music may have changed. At Various Times, there's this little riff E ------12------11------9-----7------ E You were almost kind B A You were almost through A Am7 Don't let them take away that part of you E You will learn in time B A That you may be cruel A Am7 They'll never loose, its always him or you F#m B Poison in everything you said B Don't you, Don't you F#m B I'll even wonder what you meant B either way... You were almost kind You were almost through Don't let them take away that part of you you will learn in time that you must be cruel they'll never think its always him or you poison in everything you said don't you don't you and leave me wondering what you meant either way... (On the live copy i have, the solo has this little riff over and over) E--------------------------------------------- B-------------------5---^7----------------- G-----4---h^6---------------------------- You were lost in time but you almost think