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Transcribed by Unknown

X-Ray Eyes

Note: From the original Guster Gate tabs page. Possible contributions from: Neil Brodsky ( Brett Gubenko ( Matt Kosciak ( Adam Kurowski ( Musicman ( Lawrence Sieben ( Joseph Soucy ( Kieran Stone ( Capo on second fret. EADGBe Bsus = X24400 C#min7 = X46600 Intro riff: e|---0----0--2-0--4-0--5-0--4-0--2-0---0------------------- B|--4---5-----------------------------4-------------------- G|--------------------------------------------------------- D|--------------------------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------------- Play over end of chorus: e|---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0------------------------- B|-5---4---2---0------------------------------------------- G|----------------2--1------------------------------------ D|-------------------------4---2--------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------------- E C#min7 To clear the conscience of who I am, Bsus I break the silence that keeps it all in. E C#min7 I've given you everything I wish you knew, Bsus I did it for me, I didn't do it for you Chorus: F# I looked her way with x-ray eyes A and she looked like she was not even there. E-E-Bsus-A E C#min7 Preserving the things that I have kept from you. Bsus Didn't give them away when you had asked me to. E C#min7 You're pointing at me and how do I reply? Bsus I smash your fingers and drag you away Chorus: F# I looked her way with x-ray eyes A and she looked like she was not even there. E-E-Bsus-A E Bsus A I cannot deny that I had planned this. E Bsus A I only gave till I was done. E Bsus A Fallen on me this happy ending. E Bsus A I know I was awake and she was numb. F# But when she started to leave, A finally started to leave. E Then she looked like she was not even there.