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Transcribed by Unknown


Note: From the original Guster Gate tabs page. Possible contributions from: Kenta Koga ( Neil Brodsky ( Brett Gubenko ( Matt Kosciak ( Adam Kurowski ( Musicman ( Lawrence Sieben ( Joseph Soucy ( Kieran Stone ( Intro Riff: e|------7-----5-----5-------------------------------- B|-0---------------------7h8----8----7----5---3---2-- G|----7-----7-----7-----------7----7----------------- D|--------------------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------- e|------7-----5-----5----------------------5--3--2--- b|-0---------------------7h8----8---7---8------------ g|----7-----7------7----------7----7----------------- D|--------------------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------- Chord Progression: Bm - F#/D - G - F# They'll find it on the stairs. Politely placed it there. Been so unkind without a hint, a warning sign for them. Read my apology. Their hope of disbelief. But no denial changes things. No remedy ahead. G E/A I am not to be martyred, G E/A I am not to be worshipped. G E/A Did it not to be strong strong strong G E/A I implicate no others in this crime. I'm off on a rocketship prepared for something new. I'm off on a rocketship estatic with the view. I am scared of the things upcoming, and I want for the things I don't have. Cannot stand to be one of many, I'm not what they are. I will gather in my name. The morning will begin. And all or nothing over there is teasing me again.