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Transcribed by Unknown


Intro: e|--------------------------------------------------------- B|--------------------------------------------------------- G|--------------------------------------------------------- D|--------14--------14---14---------14-------14---14- A|-12-12----12-12---12-----12-12---12-12---12---- E|--------------------------------------------------------- e|--------------------------------------------------------- B|--------------------------------------------------------- G|--------------------------------------9----------9-----9- D|--------12--------12---12----------------------------- A|--9---9-------9---9-----9------8---8------8---8-----8---- E|--------------------------------------------------------- EADGBe EADGBe A (x07650) or A(x02220) Played follow the leader. Keeping my steps in time. Counting on the wonder ahead, I leave the pain behind. A It's on me, it's all mine, go away, they're my mistakes, they're not your problem. play this in background e|-12---9---7---5----- Pinned down in this heaven. I'll die 1000 times. Aware of the damage ahead, I'll leave the pain behind. (play Intro) A Another day, a perfect day a twinge of pain, The sting of a needle. So warm at the bottom. Warm never felt so kind. And for a moment or two, I leave it all behind. (Chorus) A G Black dog, white picket fences, F#m E mow them down and dance on the riptide. A G Face down in consequences F#m E crack me up and stay on your own side. A-G-F#m-E x 2 A I wish I may I mish I might I pray my soul to keep tonight. Cause all the walls are staring back? A perfect day a string for the last time.