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Transcribed by Pete (


1st Guitar: Play bar chords with palm muting Bsus2 C G D 2nd Guitar: e|---------------------------------------------------- B|----7--8--5-------7--8--5------7--8--5----7--8------ G|-------------7-------------7-----------7--------7--- D|---------------------------------------------------- A|---------------------------------------------------- E|---------------------------------------------------- Bridge: Power chords G D B C times 4 End: Back to main chords then fades Lyrics: Melanie is smiling at the sky If it were up to me I'd give everything for that Oh... There's so many that claim to know divine Is it stupid to think am i jealous missing that? Would you be? Would you define? Being a crutch like this or grief like mine Oh... Does it feel like There's no bright side? Do you want to place your fist in the wall? I feel that warmth within me can't help but think it's all lies So sadly strip down and thrust to the cold outside Nothing left to protect me I wish I could believe this So sadly strip down and thrust to the cold outside I love you