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Transcribed by Unknown


Note: From the original Guster Gate tabs page. Possible contributions from: Neil Brodsky ( Brett Gubenko ( Matt Kosciak ( Adam Kurowski ( Musicman ( Lawrence Sieben ( Joseph Soucy ( Kieran Stone ( *Your may want to change your tuning to: DADGBd or something similar. Intro: (not finished yet) D Absent in the things I've done for the real G revelations come to people so slow. D Frightening. Won't stop now until their done, peel their skin, eaten underneath. G D Rotten rotten. A Bm G Drowing in understanding. A Bm G Swallowed posion keeps them well. A Bm G Watching the other struggle through makes me grin. A Bm Should I tell the mindless stumbling through G I have found it? D Watching all the things they've done this is real G when revolution comes from misguided hands. D Frightening. And in all the idiots I see, G thoughtless men casting doubts on me D Enlightening. (chorus) [Bridge] (no chords yet.. got an F in there somwhere :) ) They'll turn the vice once and slowly break your hand. Will it come back to you now. Just like it never left? (A - Bm - G until end) Peel away their faith their fears have led them towards a worse one. See the way their minds have glazed they're looking towards the worst one.