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Submitted to by gusterfan

Illinois University, Champagne, Illinois

1.What You Wish For
3.Barrel of a Gun
4.Homecoming King
5.Mona Lisa
7.Airport Song
8.Dear Valentine (NEW SONG)
9.I Spy
10.Two Points For Honesty
14.Fa Fa
15.So Long (cello help)
16.Dissolve (cello help)
18.Keep it Together
19.Jesus on the Radio (totally UNPLUGGED)

This was a very long set for '04. Ryan and Adam even said so.
Ryan said that they weren't even going to play KIT or Jesus, but
they did anyways because the crowd was really into it and they weren't on a time limit or anything so it wouldn't hurt a bit. Any Guster fan needs to hear "Dear Valentine". It is a really cool new song sung by Adam. Mona Lisa, Medicine, Dissolve, So Long, and Two Points For Honesty are rare finds to any Guster show. They played a 2 and a half hour show at Illinois University. Ryan said it was by far they most songs they have ever played in 1 show ever. Hope this helps the site!