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Submitted to by Cheryl Gordon

The Showbox, Seattle, WA

I Spy (extended version)
X-ray Eyes
New Song 2
What You Wish For
Here Comes Your Man (Pixies cover)
Happy Frappy 2001
Either Way
Great Escape
Airport Song
Barrel of a Gun
Fa Fa
Center of Attention
Time of the Season (Zombies cover)

Highlights--the whole concert. I loved hearing X-ray Eyes live. I Spy was great, Airport Song really rocked too. Hearing Demons was a treat. They had the whole place rocking (the red lights were rad). Despite the naysayers, I loved Happy Frappy 2001. Ryan had the cutest expression on his face. Ramona and New Song 2 were unpolished, but great. Hearing Parachute was an unexpected treat.

Lowlights--the number of people who were stupid (only knew fa fa). Also the workers at the Showbox who kicked us out without letting us see the guys.