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Submitted to by Kathleen

Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA

Setlist as played and written:

Ramona * which Ryan noted would never be played the same
again b/c the lyrics aren't finished
So Long **
Airport **
Escape %
New Song 2
Frappy ^
Barrel #

** w/ Ward Williams from Jump on Cello

% during the bridge, ryan reads an email from "Mindy" a
student at Muhlenburg College who wants them to invite
NFL Mascots up on stage in honor of their convention in
Philly next week; we are then "graced" by the presence
of "Swoop" from the Philadelphia Eagles and "Blitz" from
the Seattle Seahawks who "attempt" to lead the crowd in
doing the Wave.

^ Muzak version of Happy lyrics; ryan played
keys on this

# with Jonathan Gray from Jump, Little Children showcasing
his hula-hoop talents

Highlights =
1. I Spy. Nothing has changed with that song except Mike
has a SWEET new set of lights. Fabulous as usual.
2. "Here Comes Your Man" by the Pixies. Not a *great* crowd
response (not many knew the song), but a GREAT cover and
great memories for me :)
3. Airport w/ Ward Williams from Jump and GREAT strobe lights
at the end.
4. Seeing Adam on crutches and playing half the set sitting
and half the set hobbling/bouncing on one leg.
5. New songs. Both have potential to be sweet. New Song 2
is complex, great use of Brian's talents...Ramona has nice
harmonies...Two thumbs up thus far.

Lowlights =
1. Muzak version of Frappy done primarily by Ryan on the keys.
If they retire a song, they need to *keep* it retired.
2. No Dan Myers.