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Submitted to by Travis

Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This was a GREAT show. Guster played everything I wanted them to except for "Parachute" or "Window", and "Dear Valentine". Here is the set list to help you understand why this show was so much better than the last one I went to in Valpo.

Barrel of a Gun (intro)
Happier (intro)
Airport Song (THE BEST SONG OF THE SHOW, was the bass/jam version)
Ruby Falls (Adam on trumpet)
Cmon (intro, Joe jam on cowbell)
Either Way
Come Downstairs and Say Hello
Center of Attention
Manifest Destiny
One Man Wrecking Machine
Fa Fa
Lightning Rod
The New Underground
I Spy (outro, Joe on slide guitar)
Total Eclipse of the Heart (Brian vocals)
Keep it Together (not on origional set)

Okay, "Barrel" was really cool. THey came out and Joe had a banjo, so I bet half of the people there thought they were going to play "Captain". Then Joe got an electric guitar and they played "Captain". When they played "Diane", you could definitely tell that Brian was jamming. Guster played "Satellite" with the keyboard. THey used the same intro to "Happier" as the did on GUSTER ON ICE, so everyone knew it was "Happier" when they started playing.
"Airport Song". WOW. Adam played a bass guitar, and it was very cool. Guster probably messed with the microphone for the second time the chorus came around, because it got really slow and Ryan's voice was jacked up. On "Ruby Falls", you could swear that Adam was teasing us. At the end he would just stare at us and smile. After about a minute of that he finally got the trumpet. It was worth the wait. The "Cmon" intro was Ryan saying something about Joe being jealous of Adam's trumpet playing skills and was going to do a jam on the cowbell for us. Befor the next song Ryan hinted that they hardly ever play this song anymore. He also mentioned that it was on Lost and Gone Forever. At this point I thought it was "Either Way" or "Two Points For Honesty". Both songs they could play with a violin. I was getting excited about them playing "Window" after that. It was a great show. GO SEE GUSTER A.S.A.P. BYE NOW!!!!!!!