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Submitted to by Andi

Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

I was much more impressed with this show than I was with Guster's last LA appearance in November. There was much more energy and interaction with the crowd. Which is unfortunate, because probably 70% of the kids there were there to see OAR.
I approve of OAR and everything, but their fans were apparently too good to rock out to Guster. The Guster kids were curtious enough to get up and dance around to OAR, even though they were secretly pretending it was Guster up there again. And yet.. the OAR fans were sitting down, drinking a beer, going pee, and anything else you can think of during Guster's set. It's just not right.
Ryan made a point to let us know that he and Adam were NOT wearing the same shirt. (both wore a light pink collared shirt) He said that since he was in LA and everyone looks so nice, he felt like he had to try to look nice, but it was the only collared shirt he had. He then said that he also bought a new pair of jeans, and asked us if he looked fat in them.
The set list was as follows:
red oyster cult
keep it together
i spy
fa fa
The saxaphone player from OAR played the sax part in fa fa, which was phenominal. Over all everything sounded great, the guys had an awesome set, even though the crowd could have been more enthusiastic.
I was impressed, considering the meager fan count, by the number of ping pong balls that went a flyin during airport song. I was expecting to be the only one, but No! It was beautiful.
It would have been nice to have watched them the whole show, but unfortunately you can't always have your way. The boys were awesome, great energy, great vibe. Viva guster.