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Submitted to by Ken

University of Richmond, Virginia

I was actually one of the twins invited onstage. I have seen Guster perform countless times, including a show almost 2 years ago now at Browns Island in downtown Richmond. I also saw them in Boston for the big show this summer and then Providence, but NOTHING will compare to UR. The music, the sound, the vocals, everything was superb. I know it sounds cliche, but their live show sounded just, dead on. They were phenomenal.
The greatest was for me and my twin and me to be invited onstage, where we did a little balancing act and then were told by Guster to stick around onstage. They busted into Amsterdam, told us to pick up singing with them, and then they just stepped out for us to take over while they played backup. It was great to be given the opportunity to sing one of their songs, it being theirs and all.
Guster was just so receptive to the audience, and we all had fun during and after the show. SO great.