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Submitted to by Missy Sweeney

, wofleboro, NH

I enjoyed hearing Kathleen Edwards. I thought she had a powerful sound and strong lyrics. I came to the whitmere center the previous year to see Guster and I wasnt as thrilled with their opening act, The Zambonies. I think that Edwards did a great job, she was funny and very entertaing and I think people shouldve given her more credit.
Guster was FANOMINAL!!! Their new CD really brings out a new sound of music for them and I love it. I am glad to see that they are still using bongos in their drums, because it gives them such a unique sound. I really love watching Brian on the drums. He is an icredible drummer and I think its amazing to watch him, since all he uses are his hands.
Im not sure if Demon was the best song to open with, but overall I enjoyed how they went back and forth from playing older songs I havent heard in months too their more recent CD. By changing it up a bit it made goin to their concert again still exciting and I will be sure to see them again in Portland, ME this spring.