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Submitted to by Kenta

Whittemore Center, UNH, Durham, NH

I thought for once that since I run the site, I ought to submit a show review once in a while.

I was able to get to the show early enough to see Kathleen Edwards. Six to eight months ago there was a lot of buzz concerning her music on the Reputation's mailing list. I checked out a few of the songs and decided they were pretty good, but I didn't get hooked. Live her music seems to have a little more edge than previous stuff I had heard. I really enjoyed "Hockey Skates" and her in-between banter about illegal downloaders. Didn't really like the cover of "Money Talks" and the hold up your cell phone (not lighters) for "Mercury" part. For the record, I don't really feel the overwhelming urge to participate in this ritual unless your band has big hair. Overall Kathleen Edwards is pretty good and I'd recommend you check her (well the band) out. If you don't know the music expect folk injected with a shot of rock and some excellent guitar work.

Oh yeah, now about guster. They opened with "Demons" which doesn't really seem to me to be the best opening song. Maybe I'm just too used to hearing "What you Wish" for instead.

They played the cover of the Talking Head's "Flowers" which is probably one of the best cover's in Guster Cover History. It really gives Brian a chance to show off his percussion work.

Sometime during the set Ryan also went into some banter about old music which made me realize that I've been listening to this band for about 10 years now. I have noticed that I'm not liking the recent (as in the last year or so) switch to musical outros/intros that are probably more musically complex, and less pleasant/pop-ish. I'm still not enjoying the newer "I Spy" Outro as much as the "Secrets" version. The Jazz Odyssey is alright depending on length. Maybe I'm just a bitter old man now :) While I'm bitching... 'm not sure I'll ever like "Careful". It sounds great on the album, but doesn't seem to be as driving in concert.

On the plus side I did really enjoy hearing "Keep It Together" and "ROC" which both sounded great. "ROC" had a different rock-arena sound to it, which seemed fitting. Ryan also went into some great banter about the history of his haircuts over the years. Something about: having normal hair till about the age of 8, falling into the skater crowd, dying parts of it, cutting the rest off so he just had bangs, the pony tail stage, the fro, then chopping it off. It is too bad that he doesn't look like Willy Wonka anymore.

And finally, to top off the show Brian sang "Total Eclipse of the Heart" as an encore. Overall a pretty good show.