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Submitted to by Dana Apfel

Orpheum, Madison, WI

Ok so most concerts in Madison, Wisconsin suck because no good bands come here and the crowds are boring...GUSTER changed all of that! First of all GUSTER is the BEST band that has ever graced Madison with it's presence. Second their concert is the best I have ever seen! I've never seen a crowd in Madison so exicted to see a band. And to think they almost didn't come here because previously only like 400 people had come to see them when they were at the Barrymore. Anyways...Their show was awesome, by far the best selection of songs at a concert. The guys sounded spectacular! Great audience participation (i.e. ping pong balls & 4,3,2,1). Overall the best $21 I've ever spent and the most interested I've ever been to see a concert again! Great Job guys!! GUSTER FOR LIFE!!!!!!!