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Submitted to by DMBTex10101

Grenada Theater, Dallas, Texas

First off, I must say that Dallas crowds can suck at time. No respect for the opening band who was very good in my opinion. They kept shouting things like "Guster" and "Who are you??" and when the lead singer asked them to shut up for a slow song, they didnt. She got pissed, but I dont blame her, but onto the Guster show, the crowd was ready, and they were loud as hell.

Guster put on a damn good show, the crowd got into all the louder songs (Barrel, Deamons, Airport, etc) but was still a little chatty during the slower ones. The end of Airport song was nuts, and the entire crowd was singing along on So Long which was quite surprising. He talked about how he grew up in dallas and about 45 pounds of him was made up of Cheese Fries from the restaruant next door. He also said it was the first show they sold out in Dallas, and the best one they'd ever had in Texas.

And finally, the Jesus on the Radio was completely unplugged, No mics, just them with their acoustic and a banjo, singing. Could barely hear the singin but luckily the entire crowd new the words and sang along as well.

Amazing show.