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Submitted to by Jarred Coxford

The Spectrum, Montreal, Quebec

It was the first time I saw Guster live and I was more than impressed. Even though they were opening for Sam Roberts, I was clearly there to see Guster. They put on an amazing show for about 50 minutes and played a nice long opening set of 11 songs. Everyone in attendance was up and dancing and singing along. Ryan made a few great jokes and spoke french a few times, which always pleases the crowd in Montreal.

I was very pleased with the that they played. They opened with "I Spy" which got the crowd on their feet and seemed like the perfect song to start a Guster set with. Then they went right into an upbeat version of the already upbeat "Barrel of a Gun." They also played hits like "Airport Song", "Amsterdam", "Demons", "R.O.C", and ended off with an amazing extended version og "Fa Fa."

Great show, and can't wait until Guster comes back to La Belle Province.