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Submitted to by Rebecca Abboud

Radio City Music Hall, New York, New York

The concert in Radio City Music hall was absolutely amazing. At first the band Thorns opened and they waisted 45 minutes of my life and everyone elses that was there. Then finally guster came out! They played "Careful" first and it was awesome they sounded so perfect with no sound disruptions even though Radio City is huge. The crowd was so pumped up after they played "Barrel of a Gun" third. During one song they did this whole strobe light thing on Brian as he was going mad on the Bongos it was the most unbelievable thing i have ever seen in my whole entire life. He is my GOD! Then Ben Kweller came on stage to play a song with him and then they had this girl come on stqage for "All the way up to Heaven" and spun around like a disco ball in a rediculous outfit. It was the best concert i have ever been too and Guster is the most amazing band and should be credited for everything they do.