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Submitted to by tara

Sokol Auditorium, Omaha, NE

I saw Guster last night here in Omaha. I wanted to point out that the crowd was MORE than 100 people though, as Maddy stated above. I would say there were around 500 people there, maybe a little less. Anyway the crowd was energetic and everyone had a great attitude and a lot of enthusiasm. Also everyone was really polite during the opener, The New Amsterdams. It's really nice to go to shows where people are considerate and mature and all about the music. (I even managed to get through the crowd 3 times to go get some drinks, and once to hit the bathroom, during Guster's set, and people (most of them anyway) were cool about letting me get back to my spot up front.)

Anyway, they opened with What You Wish For, and closed with Diane, I Spy, and Jesus On the Radio, which they all came up to the very end of the stage to do "unplugged," as Maddy's review says. I had a security guard grabe me one of the setlists, and I noticed that they were going to do Center of Attention in the encore, but decided to leave it out.

They also threw a "speeded up" Rocketship into the set at the request of a number of people in the crowd. The last 3 songs before the encore (among their most popular anyway, so the ones most people knew) got the crowd dancing and jumping like crazy. It was Amsterdam, Barrel of a Gun, and Fa Fa. The guys were really into it. Ryan was smiling the whole time and was wearing a Nebraska hat that someone handed to him.

I talked to the guys a bit after the show. Adam, Joe, and Brian came out, and Brian especially was very, very cool. Ryan was MIA. I think he peeked out of the bus once or twice, but he didn't come out, to my knowledge, so I'm missing a signature on the setlist, but oh well. Anyway, very awesome show.