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Submitted to by Ricky

Scotti's Record Shop, Morristown, NJ

First thing I would like to point out about this show was that it was FREE!! Guster is awsome, but they always play in New York, and usually nowhere close to where I live, but then when I heard they were playing in morristown (10 minutes from where I live, Mendham NJ) I was psyched. Some friends and I went to the show, and from the start it was awsome. Myself and another friend were actually leaning our backs on the guard rail! We were on the stage right side, and over the guardrail, so bassically no one was closer than us. We kept waiting for security to move us, but no one came, so that rocked. We waited and waited and waited for Guster to come, and it took awhile. Guster had a huge banner above the stage that had originally said "Guster Loves [some place in Mass. i can't remember]" but they put a big brown paper sign that says 'Morristown' over the place in Mass. It was great

Once Guster finally came on, it was incredible. My girlfriend (who wanted to see them more than anything, but had to be in Boston, MA) called me the second the first song came on. I said nothing, and just held up my phone so she could hear 'Barrel of a Gun', it was one of the best performances of that song I had ever heard. Guster continued to rock, and I loved their new cover of the Talking Heads' song 'Nothing but Flowers'. It was great. I also found out that Adam (i'm pretty sure but can't remember which member) was from Morristown! He went to Elementary school here, and his actual 1st grade teacher was there. He recalled a time when she wrote on his report card that he 'walked too loud'. So Ryan made a comment like "Well we know where she can stick it now" which he continuously appologized for throughout the show. It was hillarious.

During the 'Airport Song' Ryan fucked up the lyrics, which was really funny, because he began to laugh, he looked right at me, because it seemed i was the only who noticed, and i really was that close. He turned red, but kept going like nothing happened. I also got hit in the head with a ping pong ball that said "Guster is for Meat", which makes no sense to me at all, although i know the origin of the balls, and the sayings.

Anyway, after the amazing show in which they played an unscheduled encore (Keep it together), there was a huge line to get autographs. Of course I am not one to wait in such a line, so i ran up to my friend dan who would had smoothed talked some girl to let him cut in with her, and ran up to securty and said "Can i just give these CDs to my friend to sign?" the guard siad "Sure but come right back" i said great, and had all good intentions of coming back. The second i got to dan (this is all in the record store by the way, the concert was in the parking lot) he said "Dude just wait with me" so I did, and we met and talked to Guster. Bryan signed my girlfriends CD "Kim Sucks to be you" after I told him the story. It was such an amazing experience. Guster kicks ass....
Here is the setlist for those of you who care:
Barrel of a Gun
I Spy [jam outro]
Airport Song
(Nothing But) Flowers [Talking Heads cover]
Homecoming King
Fa-Fa (hard rocking long jam ending)

Keep It Together (Wicked Game intro)