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Submitted to by A.J.

The Pageant, St. Louis, MO

I saw Guster for the first time lastyear when they opened for John Mayer. I could'nt believe how good they were I definitely thought they were better then John Mayer. This year I couldnt wait to see Guster, they were awesome! Opening with one of my favorites, Happier and then playing 2 points it was just awesome. I liked how they incorporated the new songs into the show and the cover for Ben Folds was awesome. The new songs they played got me excited for the new cd this summer. Then the encore was very good i especially liked hearing Demons at the end of the show. The Pageant was an awesome place to have the show because everyone gets the opportunity to be up close to the band. After the show we waited out back of the Pageant and the band came out and talked with everyone and signed autographs and all that stuff. This was definitely one of the best shows i've been too and I definitely cant wait for them to come back here on the next tour.