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Submitted to by Wendy

Warfield, San Franciso, CA

Great concert! This was my third time seeing them, but the first time they were headlining (unless you count the co-headline with john mayer where they really didn't seem to have equal time). Much better this way :D

Maroon 5 opened, they were decent, they grew on us a bit more as they played more. Not sure that I'd run out and get their album right away though. Always good to hear groups I haven't heard before. Then, Guster came out for their set. They played a good combination of some of the songs from the new album along with the old stuff. The crowd seemed pretty into it. At one point during the concert, they read an email from a fan who asked if she could come on stage and sing the last line of Mona Lisa and they invited her up and she seemed to really enjoy it. They seemed to be having fun out there which is part of what makes them so enjoyable to watch. They don't get caught up in theatrics, just play good music. The only complaint I have about the show is that from where I was sitting in the balcony (8 rows up center), the lights were shining in our eyes way more than necessary. Happened with just about every song, 2 or 3 times per song with the lights in our eyes for 10-15 seconds. Made for a lot of extra work refocusing! The lights were great if they hadn't been in our eyes too much.
They ended the concert with Ryan playing keyboard and Brian singing Bridge over Troubled Water by Paul Simon. Was pretty entertaining and Brian sure looked like he was having fun.

Can't wait for the new album! Hopefully they'll be back out the SF area after the release.