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Submitted to by Sarah

The Chance, Poukeepsie, NY

AMAZIN!guster had the place packed and alive. Ive never seen them live before and thursday night they played better than ive ever heard. I have to admit the opening act was hurtin a little bit, especially when that josh rousse guy went off on his catholic jesus music kick. But after the wait and the uhh spiritual opening act they came out and it was great. Everyone there seemed like they were really hardcore fans too so me and my friends fit in good while singing every song with the band. We were really close to the stage and the band kept on askin the audience what they wanted to hear which basically made the show very person which was definatly a good thing. One of the coolest parts was when they called up a guy for his birthday and he was up there jammin to demons. I loved all the new songs they played and im really excited for the new cd to come out. Adam was lookin georgious as usual and i was as always impressed with the drum solos (by hand). 2 Points for Honesty was also a highlight as the last song, ive been singing it for days . Afterwards got my T-shirt and my stickers, slapped one on my car bumper, drove home, Rock On Guster! Show was Great!!!!