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Submitted to by Zubin Desai

Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA

I went to the concert as a huge Guster and John Mayer fan. However, I was pretty frustrated with the huge amount of teenybopper girls at the concert. I have seen John Mayer once in Urbana, IL and I hate to say I am already getting sick of him. Guster was way better than John and I thought that the crowd didn't seem to respect Guster. I overheard several girls say "Who's Guster?" and "Why are they playing so long??" HELLO! They're co-headlining! I thoroughly enjoyed Guster's set although it could have been longer and I wish they had played Love for Me, Window, and Eden. I am afraid John Mayer is going to sell out to cater to the little girls who seem to think of John as a pop star and not a rock star. Guster was great and I cannot wait till they do a headlining tour of their own. Although the two bands were labeled as co-headliners on Guster's website, John clearly had the majority of the fans and also had a lot more playing time than Guster. I just hope that the next time Guster does a tour for fans who are oblivious to their existence that they take the liberty to research the band first. The Guster fans that were at the concert were very cool. I was singing and dancing to all their songs and this girl came to me and said "I just wanted to say you are awesome! Guster rules!" The rest of the crowd could have done some more dancing than just standing there waiting for John to come out. I wish Guster had done an encore but they didn't. But all in all, it was a great concert in a great setting and I can't wait till Guster comes around this way again.