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Submitted to by Nicholas

Greek Theatre, Berkeley, Ca

Guster's performance at the Greek theatre truly captured the essence of what the night could have been, had they been given the proper respect to headline the show.The flawless performance given by Guster was absolutely amazing to listen to, with a solid set list, thorough improvisatons on the drums, and a beautiful setting at the Greek theatre. But the one disturbing fact that seemed rediculouly evident, especially when no encore was given, was that the term Co-Headline couldnt have been further from the truth. Even the local radio stations, in the days leading up to the concert, had hyped the it as being a "John Mayer Show". In my opinion, it would be very difficult to deam Guster as a headliner under any circumstance because of simple fact that they performed prior to Mayer. Put simply, I generally felt it was an insult to their own incredible talent to be put in sold out show where neary 90% of the crowd had come for someone else. To hear Happier played so beautifully in front of huge crowd, but to only be able to hear a small group of fans who knew the words, speaks volumes about the types of people who attended this concert. Guster deserved fans who knew their songs, they deserved to headline this show.