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Submitted to by Bonnie Kleiss

Fox Theatre, St. Louis, Missouri

My first Guster show. There will be no way it will be my last. My boyfriend and I walked into an already amazing theatre as Martin Sexton is ripping his heart out on stage and showing it to the four of us who are paying attention. Beer is spilling and Polo shirts are running here and there as Guster comes onto the stage. The lights go down as Brian launches into the beginning of "Barrel of a Gun". As my boyfriend and I are picking our jaws off of the sticky floor, we realize we are two of a small few who are up and dancing. After the first couple of songs, Ryan notices this too, and proceeds to yell at us to, "Get the hell out of your seats!" Like scolded puppies, the Polo shirts slowly rose. Guster then hammered their way through what seemed like hours upon hours of music. The energy never stopped. When they first had walked onto the stage, I had wondered what the three huge fans were for. After a half hour, it was obvious that they would have all combusted without them. All I recall of John Mayer's set was that he walked onto the stage to Nelly's "Hot in Herre" as an homage to St. Louis. I was too much in awe of Guster's set to listen any more of it. Hands down - the best live show I've ever seen. I was even an avid Dave Matthews Band fan, who supposedly has the best live show out there. I disagree. You haven't heard music until you've heard Guster live.