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Submitted to by Lauren

A. Finkle & Sons, Chicago, IL.

Well i wanted to start off by saying that this was my first guster concert. I was looking forward to the show for quite some time. Well it was about 100 degrees that day, and never seemed to cool down. Oh well my friends and I got to see Guster!!! They came onto the stage each wearing a white hard hat, to this once TV show theme that i cant think of right now. Well they opened with a great song and ended with Fa Fa... of course. I just really wish they could have played more songs, because i think that they probably played only 12 or 13 songs. But its ok they plyaed old and new songs which i really liked too. And least they played a lot of their better songs. Well i just wanted to commend them for coming out there in such nasty heat to play and put on a great show for us Chi~town folk.!!!! :) Thundergod must have been dying! :) Well thanks for reading this, whoever takes the time, just know that Guster' a great band and they ARE worth your time, money, and sweat!!! Lauren