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Submitted to by lisa bolster

Geneseo, Geneseo, ny

I couldn't get over how amazing guster is! every show i've seen just seems to get better and better. at one point, the crowd was begging them to play the infamous 'demons'. in a way they teased us until finaly, BAM, the melody started! the crowd went nuts and i almost peed my pants! they live up to my expectations of legendary music gods! even in the crowded gymnasium of the college, the excitement was almost overwhelming. Before they came on stage, two bands played. i don't remember either of the band names, one of from the college. they were great, but the second band just sucked! no offense, i couldn't beleive guster chose them as one of the opening acts. by the time they were done, the crowd was practically asleep! you can imagine the respose when guster finaly came to the stage! i can't wait to see them again when they go on tour again next year! to all my fellow guster fans, GUSTER RULES!
the greatest guster fan,
lisa bolster