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Submitted to by Dan Kamis

Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor, MI

This was the 3rd time i saw guster and it will not be the last. First of all, i had front row which makes everything better...but now to the show.....They opening band, Chauncey, was awesome...bought a cd and met the guys, if you have a chance go see them. Now for Guster, when they came out i got a box of Crutons for some reason....Ryan came out and handed it to the crowd, some other lucky fan got some Salad Dressing. They show was intense, the new songs sounded great....there were 4 from what i remember. Airport song was crazy....I had chills down my spine at the end. I tried to get a set, but the when the rodie guy went to go get it, he gave it to some girls instead, can't blame him, but o well.

After the show I decided to wait for the guys, but i didn't even need the time i got around back they were already outside signing autographs. I talked to all the guys, got my stub and shirt signed. They were just cool guys. They mentioned something about a Guster/John Mayer tour in the near future. After that i went to the Nude Mile, or something....kinda stupid, but the people there were great. Too many naked guys, not enough women..haha

The show was amazing...still kinda taking it all in and pinching myself to see if it really was real