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Submitted to by Yogi (Ted)

St. Joes University, Philadelphia, Pennylvania

This show was great (not as good as the last show I was at because there was no Peace Soildiers,ha)but other wise just an amazing show like any Guster show.

The show was at St. Joes University so it was a basketball court converted into a concert hall. I got in as a rep since it was a closed show which was cool, and I was very happy to get in.

The first band that played was called Town Hall, They were pretty good, but like most people there I wasn't feeling their music too much. They band looked like there were all stoned which I found out after the show they were kicked out right after there set for being caught smoking pot in there dressing room (not a smart thing to do in a catholic school.) They played a few songs until they were cut off when they went over their time limit.

Chauncey was the other band that played that night, they were from Boston Mass., and had a sort of rock/alternative style which was cool. The crowd seemed to warm up to them a little more then the first band. On their last song Brian came out and did a little bongo action for them which was a cool surprise.

Guster came on with a crowd cheering and Brian wearing a St. Joes cape. They opened with what they usually open with "What You Wish For" and then "I Spy" and "Bury Me" which were amazing as always. They then played a new song that they started playing on their last tour "Ramona."

About this time Ryan broke out there contract for that show and read a part that he thought was funny. He read a part that went something like this "St. Joes is a catholic school and there is to be no sexual talk during your set." Ryan then apologized in advance for any sex talk he might say by accident.

They then played "Happier" and "X-ray eyes." Another new song was next they did not mention what it was called but from a set list from the stage it said "Say It" which might be a number of things but I am guessing by what the lyrics were it might have been called "Say it aint so" (who knows) it was a pretty good song though. "Airport Song" came after that and about one person threw ping pong balls but the guards looked mad and since I was up front I decided not to go along with tradition and throw any. "Either Way" was great but I don't think there were any bubbles eiter. After that "Great Escape" and "Barrel of A Gun" were played which were awesome as always.

"All The Way Up To Heaven" was after that and then "Parachute" which was great live. Another one of my favorites "Center of Attention" was next which was great especially when Adam says "All by myself" cause the one light goes on him which is just awesome. "FAFA" was their last song for the night before the encore, which is amazing live.

Their encore included a new song which Ryan said wasn't named but on the setlist it said "Joe" that was my favorite of all of their new songs that they played. They then played "Two points for honesty" which they weren't going to play but they decide to see if they could do better then the night before when the really messed up (or so they said.) For being such a hard song to play they did awesome. Their "real" last song for the night was "Demons" which is always just amazing live.

After the show I went to the Gus bus and met all of them and got them to sign my rep card which was cool. It was a great end to an amazing night.