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Submitted to by Ted

Tower Theater, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

The show was an amazing, best show I have ever been to, it was amazing (I can't stop saying that).

OK first off I have to say The Peace Soldiers opened and they were great and funny as hell (You know the story). Not too many people got into them at first but they warmed up to them.

Now for what you came here for Guster, They came on stage to the Price Is Right theme like always, I thought Adam would be hurt or something but its been about six months so I guess it was fine by now. They started with What You Wish For; it was great live (well, its great on the CD so of course its great live). The lights you cant say enough about the lights especially for this song they were amazing besides for seeing guster and hearing guster the lights were my favorite part of the show.

They played Bury Me and New Song #2, which was very good, live, I heard both of the new songs on Napster and I didn't really get into them but at the show I was loving it. Next song was Center of Attention which I loved since thatís one of my favorites and you have to love when the single light goes on Adam, The place went crazy when they happened, especially my sister (she thinks he's hot).

They played All The Way Up To Heaven next which was very cool live. You got to love that song its crazy. I heard that some one yelled Demons right about now but I couldn't hear because after everyone song some on behind me was yelling for Mona Lisa, Anyways sure enough they played Demons which is one of my favorite songs and a lot of other peoples I know. It was great live like always. The first cover they did was Time of the season which was a Zombies cover, I thought it was pretty cool itís a good song without Guster playing it so its very good when Guster plays it.

The played Ramona next which I really liked live, so I'm really excited for the album to come out. Great Escape was amazing live but like I said before its great on the CD it must be great live. Happy Frappy the muzac version was very cool and like some other people would say I liked it more then the regular version, I mean who couldn't like the little (or at least it looked little from where I was sitting) keyboard. Barrel of The Gun was awesome especially Brian going crazy on the bongos he was amazing like always, Everyone got into that song even the non-fans who only knew this song and FaFa but at least were getting new fans I guess thatís a good thing.

I spy was next also very good. I was welcomed to the farm next when they played Airport Song, I loved it live because the lights were great, That really made the show, I started throwing ping-pong balls at the end of the song but I was yelled at by the dumb-ass security guard lady, after she yelled at me for using a camera with NO FLASH. Anyway I wasn't to blow bubbles when they played Either Way but it was still great. FaFa was great as always not one of my favorites but great live like every other song.

They did there little encore speech and just stayed there and didnít go off, which works for me. Parachute was the first song of the encore and then Sharp Dressed Man a ZZTop cover, Surprisingly The Peace Soldiers come back out to play with them but I found out later it was just some guys in the back dressing up as them. Happier was great I love that song so I was happy, but the big surprise came next. Ryan said he was going to play Mona Lisa everyone including me went crazy then he said he was going to do it unplugged I was very excited for that. When he started it was kind of silent except for some people who were yelling things like d**k, f**k you, shut up, and I love you Ryan but then everyone realized that this song was one of there favorites so they all shut up. It was amazing he played it so well and got his voice pretty darn loud.

All in all the show was amazing I loved it. It was even better when I got all their autographs after the show. Thatís not important though the show was great and I canít wait till they come back around so I can see them again.