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Submitted to by Viv

University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

Hey all,

*Highlights* for me, my first show after taking my
LONGEST EVER hiatus from seeing the guys in concert...

- NEW SONG 2: This will take some getting used to - I
really liked the lyrics (at least, those which I could
understand from Ryan's somewhat garbled singing) and I
like the instrumental parts in between each verse but
I don't feel the two mesh together well.

- BURY ME w/ Ryan's keyboard interludes of "Axel F"
from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack and Van Halen's
Take me back to the 80's, my friends!

- I SPY>NUMBERS: Last year's spring tour I would just
melt into the floor every time I heard this song.
Wow, it's just that good live.

- RAMONA: Take me back to the 60's! Woah! That was
a surprise. My dear friend, Kathleen, who drove my
ass to UNH, told me in advance that they were trying
out this 60's/70's type sound and boy, was she right!
I thought I was at a beach with a bunch of old people
drinking a little umbrella drink with a cabana boy
band singing in the background. I even hula'ed during
this song. Seriously, though, I liked it A LOT...and
hopefully soon they can work on an ending a little
less...abrupt. What I loved the best about "Ramona"
is that holy cow, Adam actually sang! I've said it
before and I'll say it again, I would love Adam to
take the lead more often than he does.

- Cover of The Zombies' "TIME OF THE SEASON": Wow.
If Guster ever wanted to become an all-cover band
(perish the thought) they have a whole bunch of good
ones under their belt. Seriously - between "Sound of
Silence," "Laid," "Sign Your Name"...

- FA FA: Just a great set closer.

- CENTER OF ATTENTION with Ryan and Adam both at the
keyboard. That was pretty sweet. I really like the
keyboard - adds some variety to their set.

- PASTY'S LIGHT SHOW - Hot damn, Mike is just the lean
mean lighting machine. The lighting last night was
superb. As I told him at the end of the show last
night, I would go to another concert this week just to
see the light show.

*Lowlights* of the show:

- feeling VERY old at a college concert (if you added
up Kristen, Kathleen's and my ages, just the three of
us standing there represented 80 years).

- the Muzak "Happy Frappy" - essentially 3 different
versions which lasted entirely too long and was WAY
too self-indulgent for my taste

- seeing that, all these years later, even at an ARENA
show for goodness sake, there were only three tapers
(two on MD, one on DAT)

- not getting the chance to meet Dave Zamboni (where
were you, Dave?)

- finding out from Pasty that Guster is going on at
2:00 at Tufts which means, unfortunately, I can't go
see them play at our mutual alma mater. Flocking

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.