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Reviews From 12-19-2003
Submitted to by Brian

State Theater, Portland, Maine

Great show, Howie Day opened the show with a great set I was really impressed. Guster came on about 9. The shot for the upcoming DVD at this show and the crowd was really into it. They played some old stuff at the start of the show. They played the airport song about 5 tunes in and got the crowd really going. The computer tapeing the DVD screwed up at one point and Brian took it upon himself to entertain the crowd with his rendition of the 50 state song (really funny and cool). Guster also honored the holidays with a medley of christmas songs, concluding this with a a festive version of "dradle dradle". They encoure included such hits as fa fa and Barrel of a gun. Again a great show should make for a great live album and DVD.

Submitted to by Chris

State Theatre, Portland, Maine

This show was by far the best show i saw all year, and i went to at least 10 concerts throughout 2003 (including bands like staind, sevendust and chevelle). Howie Day, the Maine native straight out of Bangor, opened and was incredible. I look forward to getting a chance to see him again. But Guster blew the roof off the building, they were absolutely breathtaking. It was only the second time ive seen them live, and ive only been listening to them since i saw them during the summer for the WCYY patio show they played in Portland back in June, but this show turned me into a major fan, they are one of my favorite bands. But back to the show, their stage performance and crowd involvment are great, making them one of the better live bands ive seen. Brian is the most incredible musician i have ever seen, his energy is what got me into the band. The holiday song medley they played was great as was "The airport song." "Fa fa" and "barrel of a gun" were two songs that really got the crowd going. Even when they had techincally difficulties, the 50 state song that Brian performed was great, too bad it wont make the dvd haha, it was an instant classic. Anyway, great show guys, come back soon!