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Reviews From 11-20-2005
Submitted to by QRiehman

Villanova University Pavillion, Philadelphia, PA

What can I say about a subdued Guster concert. It is sad when you get the crappy lights and when Guster isn't headlining, you get Brian too low on the stage to see, (especially for my friend who's 4' 11"),and you only get a 1 hour set. Ughh. First I show up with two people I had to drag there at the last minute because two people backed out, and I get to will call, and they don't have my name! So we buy tickets, and now I have to go through Music today to get my money back. The music was played great, it just lacked the pizzaz of a sold out, Michigan or Massachusetts show. Good set list, and liked the new songs. Ryan was his funny self, but I wish I was in New York last night, oh well, it was a benefit concert. Guster still rocked, just not as much as usual. On an up note, it seemed everyone had a "we can't wait for The Roots" attitude, but then like a third of the audience left with us after Guster finished. woo hoo.
oh yeah, I got the set list, literally 1.5 seconds before someone else came by and asked for another one. I held the set list up to the guy like it was the heavyweight championship belt, i meant to be funny, the guy smiled, but he seemed pretty pissed. Hey man, sorry, give me your email, I'll send you a copy.