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Reviews From 10-16-2003
Submitted to by Val

Numbers, Houston, TX

Well, first let me preface this by saying, that although I must reside here, I do not like Houston. Most bands that come through here feel the same way. The location was also strange because it is normally a 18-21 year old hang out filled with angry Emo kids that think Avril Lavigne understands their pain. For some reason, crowds just don't like to get into the music, this is a very young city for the concert scene and everytime you turn the corner you will run into a drove of teenage girls with too much eye shadow, braces and picture taking cell phones. This aptly describes the Numbers show in Houston.
While there were some of us old folks there...and by old I mean no black X's on my hand...I think the band sensed this as well. The opening band was quite enjoyable, she's a mix between K.D. Lang/Sheryl Crow in her voice style and has a very talented band to back her up. She is quite a feisty little Canadian if the crowd is disrespectful, as most Houston Crowds are.
Now, this was only my second Guster show to see, my first being my senior year high school trip to New York (a long long long time ago), I always enjoyed them but was not an avid fan until college when I got a burned cd as a gift from a friend with lots of newer songs on it, they're sound has evolved astoundingly.
Guster was late coming on stage because they were finishing up watching the baseball pennant race, I don't blame them, I was running back and forth between the bar and my standing spot to catch the scores. They came out to a great opening of I Spy, it was nice way to open but I have always preferred big bang openings, we're talking like Two Step intro of DMB. While an effort of eye contact was made, I don't think it was an enjoyable sight for them. Lots of chatter.
The applause afterwards was polite and enthusiastic but far from a spectacular display of appreciation. New songs were played and a few goodies, Brian also concluded the show with Total Eclipse of the Heart as in other cities, great comic ending to the show. After the show it was a grand time just hanging out with the guys, Joe was also a very nice guy and gave good chat, but I was looking forward to a much better show in my hometown of Dallas the next night, and my wish was fulfilled to perfection.