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Reviews From 09-23-2003
Submitted to by Dave

Landmark Theater, Syracuse, New York

Went to the Syracuse show at the Landmark Theater Tuesday night. My girlfriend had somehow scored two front row center seats. YAYYYYYYY!!! I like front row seats!!!!

The girl sitting next to us, Jen, had driven in from Rochester and was all by herself. So, we kind of adopted her for the duration of the show. Mainly because she was so cool, but also because she had her digital camera with her and probably took about 30 pics. Can`t wait to see them Jen!!!

Guster rocked and the crowd was great. Ryan talked about eating at the Dinosaur Barbeque in both Rochester and Syracuse, but was quick to point out the the original Dino is in the `cuse. Funny ....we sent the band an email offering to take them out to dinner at the Dinosaur. We even offered to bring some Dino food by their bus before the show in case they didn`t want to go out. Even sent them the link to the Dinosaur website so they could peruse the menu. We got no response to the email. Then when Ryan said they had eaten at the Dino that afternoon, I felt cheated. Oh well ....maybe next time.

Ryan was also quick to jokingly dis the Syracuse University mascot, saying that he thought the Tufts University mascot, Ebeneezer the Elephant or something, was the worst mascot until he saw Otto the Orange. I still think the elephant is worse. But what do I know? university`s mascot is a Flyer.

Anyway ....back to the show. The new stuff from KIT sounded great. Joe is a perfect addition to the band ......he really fills the sound out. Amsterdam and Backyard were definite highlights. Parachute sounded awesome. Way better than the recorded version if that`s possible. Adam and Ryan`s voices just sound so much like Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook on that song! Barrel of a Gun and Happier sounded as good as ever .....except some of the people in the crowd couldn`t figure out how many fingers is

A great show all around ....great sound, polished performance and, maybe because it was their first time playing the ornate Landmark Theater (or maybe because the crowd was definitely into it), they seemed to be having so much fun ......I know the people that were there were.