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Reviews From 09-12-2003
Submitted to by Scott

Fleet Boston Pavillion, Boston, MA

The Guster boys returned to their roots with a wild homecoming. The band had several surprises in store for us. The first being their clever enterance as members of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Even Joe, the honorary member, dressed up as Mr. McFeelie and played the first handfull of tracks in character. The boys treated us to a well rounded set featureing covers by Johnny Cash (Ring of Fire) and Talking Heads (Nothing but Flowers). The show closed with a completely unplugged version of Jesus on the Radio, where the boys completely unplugged and gathered around a microphone and played.

The boys seemed really into the show, including Ryan, who at times, looks like he can't stand to play Fa Fa anymore! The energy and excitement generated from the show will continue to grow as Keep It Together continues to sell. What will the next single be? Who knows! But my vote is on Homecoming King.