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Reviews From 08-16-2003
Submitted to by Greg Germ

Radio City Music Hall, New York, New York

What an excellet event. The show was nothing short of fantastic. The crowd was great, the venue was classy (as always), and the bands were on top of their games.

Openers "The Thorns", with their slightly twangy rock/country roots, were excellent. My only problem with them is that now I feel conflicted as to my musichood - I normally cannot stand country music, but this was close to it and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Matthew Sweet, Shawn Mullins, and Pete Droge have assembled in themselves a trio of amazingly capable musicians and songwriters. Too bad their sound engineer sucked ass. I was kinda hoping they'd each get a song to do from their solo works, mainly because I hadn't heard Sweet's "Girlfriend" live in a long time. Their final song, "I Set the World on Fire" rocked hard. I was worried that this flat-out rock and roll song would upstage even the mighty Guster!

Thankfully I was wrong.

With Pasty and Gordon keeping the train on the tracks, Guster put the pedal to the metal and elevated the bar for "Best Guster Show Ever" a few big notches. Between the spot-on musicianship, vocals like they haven't sung in a while, the venue sound quality, the audience energy, and Pasty's lights - this concert was undoubtedly the best Guster performance ever.

The setlist was good, the guest musicians were great. The crowd was pumped. Without getting into detail, this concert ranks among the top five concerts of my life - Guster now being put into the same category as Pink Floyd and Radiohead, among others.

You missed a fantastic experience if you weren't able to attend this show.


Submitted to by Rebecca Abboud

Radio City Music Hall, New York, New York

The concert in Radio City Music hall was absolutely amazing. At first the band Thorns opened and they waisted 45 minutes of my life and everyone elses that was there. Then finally guster came out! They played "Careful" first and it was awesome they sounded so perfect with no sound disruptions even though Radio City is huge. The crowd was so pumped up after they played "Barrel of a Gun" third. During one song they did this whole strobe light thing on Brian as he was going mad on the Bongos it was the most unbelievable thing i have ever seen in my whole entire life. He is my GOD! Then Ben Kweller came on stage to play a song with him and then they had this girl come on stqage for "All the way up to Heaven" and spun around like a disco ball in a rediculous outfit. It was the best concert i have ever been too and Guster is the most amazing band and should be credited for everything they do.