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Reviews From 08-10-2002
Submitted to by Shannon

Paramount, Seattle, WA

This was my second show seeing Guster, having been to the A. Finkl and Sons Venue in Chicago, my hometown. I was quite disappointed that the crowd chose to stay seated through the entire performance, even after Ryan encouraged the crowd to stand up. Also, this set was significantly shorter than the A Finkl set, which was disappointing to me. But, the show did not lack substance! Great performances, and the group must be given credit for making it through a few technical glitches in Ryan's guitar early in the show. They also changed the setlist a bit to accomodate some requests made by fans in the audience, particular highlights were "happier" and "fa fa." Just to say a word, I am a John Mayer fan too, but just because Guster is "coheadlining" this tour, shouldnt mean that they dont get encores! the crowd loved Guster and probably would have responded well to a few encores I was also VERY upset that Gusters name was also not included on the marquee outside the Paramount..tsk tsk...i heard quite a few Guster fans scoff in disgust at that one. Brian, ryan, and Adam shouldnt be too disapointed in the lack of energy of this show, because they played well. Good show, but it wasnt A Finkl. ~Shannon (