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Reviews From 08-05-2002
Submitted to by Jeffrey B

City Lights Pavillion, Denver, Colorado

Walking into the show with some friends who had never seen G live, I wondered to myself, "I really don't like John Mayer, he's just so.... " I couldn't find the word I was looking for and didn't think about it for the rest of the night until I saw the audience. It was the 1 annual Teeny Bopper conference. At first I second guessed myself thinking I was at NSync. Thank god, I'm still at Guster.

The opening band, John Butler Trio was excellent, they really knew how to rock the house, even though most of the people were out and about or hadn't shown up yet at all.

Guster came on and with pride began their show with something Ryan pulled out of his you know what, "Hello, we're Guster and we're going to play our intruments for you." I figured this show would be taylored to the "general" public since it was a large venue "co-headline" show. But this was definitely showing signs of an excellent show.

Probably the biggest eye-opener was Brians multiple talents for the evening. After a few tunes from Lost and Gone Forever, "What You Wish for", "All the Way up to Heaven", the highlight of the show was Brian's innovative Mona Lisa set. All of a sudden they were an eighties hairband playing a ballad. I was really impressed.

In the end I was upset the John Mayer got 2 hours + and Guster got 60 minutes on the nose. But I went and saw them the next night and the show was TNT! All in all, Guster was excellent both nights, John Mayer and I didn't get along so well, and I left before he came on stage the second night.