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Reviews From 08-04-2004
Submitted to by Gabriel Nealon

Starwood Ampitheatre, Nashville, TN.

Guster rocked the stage! It was the first time ever hearing them live. It was awesome Dave Matthews come out and introduced them. That kicked A$$. Then they rocked it. I was very impressed. Will be purchasing a CD in the real near future.

Submitted to by Joseph Mosby

Starwood Amphitheatre, Nashville, TN

Guster, as always, was amazing. Dave Matthews came out and gave his little spiel (beginning with an anti-Bush remark or two). The band came out and opened with Demons - always a great opener. Bringing out The Henry Brothers on strings completed the mix for five or six songs. Airport Song with the cello, violin and the full Dave Matthews Band light show was incredible. Barrel of a Gun and Fa Fa closed out the show, leading into the rainstorm which lasted into Dave Matthews Band's set. The combination of the two acts was one to remember.